Schedule a Dinner ...


- Select a calendar date for your dinner and confirm your number of guests.


- Choose your hors-d'oeuvre, soup or salad, entrée and dessert from our menu.


- Make a 50% non-refundable deposit.


- Schedule a rendez-vous at your house to discuss all details.


- On the day of the dinner, the 50% balance is due.  


Kim arrives 3-hours before your guests.


- She brings all necessary ingredients and kitchenware to prepare and serve the meal.


The Chez Vous Dining Experience is for 8-10 guests.  


Our prices are comparable to dining at a fine restaurant:

 -  8 guests total     $720

 -  9 guests total     $810

 - 10 guests total   $900


*Prices include 4-course meal only.  Host provides all beverages.

Bon Appétit!

Chez Vous